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Originally Posted by v-verb View Post
Just wondering from obsessively poring through posts about vintage Pro Staffs including St. Vincents, and reading a couple of posts about broken PS's. Is there something in the construction that makes them weaker than other sticks?

I've got 2 St Vincents on the way and sold my TW Pro Staff, so wondering if I've made a bad move getting some vintage Pro Staffs as my main players.

EDIT: I'm quite sure I'll like the SV's. I'm just concerned they could be fragile and wondering what SV and other vintage PS players have found

So...looking forward to the stories!
Only the very early Belgium made PS 85's were fragile and basically so bad that a great percentage never left the factory because they were cracked during manufacturing. They were experimenting with the braided graphite/kevlar production process and the early models were far from perfect.
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