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Originally Posted by HunterST View Post
I think the upward throw bit is overrated advice.

It's great for people who have a problem with making their serve to linear (not getting their chest pointed up, shoulders sloped, etc.) For people that have a decent trophy pose, though, the upward throw visualization doesn't help a ton.

If you pronated on the serve exactly like someone who was throwing upwards, your racket face would be open and contact and send the ball way long.
I disagree - you hit up brushing the ball up - you don't pronate to flaten your racket face so it points straight at the sky. But, it works for me and if it doesn't work for you, that's fine too. Too exaggerate the point, you can actually have a very slightly closed racket face at contact and still be hitting up - basically, the racket head is going up and the strings are pointing toward the target.

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