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Originally Posted by goober View Post
I would say but some people might get offended. I am not sure how the retail vendor though necessarily screwed up, I didn't pay for exact matching specs. They simply sold me two racquets that were in inventory.
Screw ups do happen but definitely in much smaller quantities compared to Wilson, Babolat or Head.

I bought 2 Wilson tennis racquets from 2 different locations, and though they were much lighter than the advertised weight, both racquets came at the exact same weight. That doesn't happen very often.

Even with Pacific's Zero Tolerance, there was a gram or two difference and a point HH'er for 1 out 4 of my racquets.
Pacific X Force Modified (333g/5HL/333SW) + Solinco Tourbite 19 (1.10)
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