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Not as a protest, but due to a time anomaly because of the research done at CERN. Those pesky scientists deep down in Switzerland made two particles collide with such violence that the time-space continuum suffered a disruption that shook the tennis world and made it regress to a previous state called the "weak era". If you know anything about tennis related science, you'll know that in said "weak era" only a lesser and lucky player can dominate, and that all his current opponents return to a prepubescent form, where their losses, although accountable by the ATP/ITF nerds, are not valid to the real discussions we have here. This disruption lasted a week, returned about a month and a half later and was last observed during the Cincinnati masters, also known as the Fitfh Slamô.

So, who will explain that the color of the courts had nothing to do with its state?
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