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I don't think so - at least by my definition of "complete". I think Federer has a more complete game.

But, I also don't think it matters. You don't have to be complete to be the best. Djokovic is the best returner/defender in tennis history - he has built his game accordingly around that base and strengthened the areas that are most important. Net game - who cares? He doesn't need it. He's on par with most other players in his ability to capitalize and put away easy volleys. He doesn't need to be able to volley beyond that.

Sampras wasn't complete either. Also didn't need to be, only his style was pretty much the exact opposite of Djoker's.

Tommy Haas has a pretty complete game, IMO.

To oversimplify, I think being great in a few areas is more important than being good at all of them.
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