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Start it about 1:20 out and that's when I start hitting forehands.

1st of all, commendable to post a video up here. Feel free to ignore the *** hats and you occasionally get some good info in here. Posters such as Tennisballa, Systemic anomaly, Yandell, Ash_Smith etc, WilHamil will usually give you sound advice.

You have a decent forehand don't anyone tell you otherwise but there are a few things you can do to make it better.

The biggest problem is your hitting off your back foot. You're pivoting on the same foot your suppose to be loading on. While some call this a reverse pivot forehand it's only use in dire situations where you have to generate pace but don't have the proper time or spacing to do so. So you kick up the left foot to allow the hip to come around.

Now look at my footwork when I hit a forehand. I start very much like you do loading on my right foot. However, as I push off my hips are coming forward while yours are going back. You rotating off the wrong foot. My right foot comes forward and and lands parallel to my left or slightly ahead. This means I've use hips to propel my upper body to create torque. If you rotate with the hips moving backwards like you seem to be doing in your video you getting very little hip drive and mostly arm.

So how to fix this. There's a great little website called

There's a great little video tutorial on how to create the kinetic chain from the hip to the torso and into the arms. Note the torso and hips and arms don't fire all at the same time. This is how you create the elastic drive.

Now for the feet. Load the right foot as in a open stance forehand but you have to drive the hip so your weight comes around drives to your front foot (left). This is essential to creating good torque. At the end of the rotation you can lift the left foot as the right steps down to release the tension place on it by the hip rotation. Like the website describes above, the arm the rides the wave of the torso to hit the ball.
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