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Originally Posted by ike81 View Post
What can we say about machines and support excelent.

The best drop weight machine on the market i have 2 of them

-Clamps are not damaging the strings
-rock solid gripper
-10 years warranty
-killer prices comparing the high end machine

Very reliable and fast stringing of course you can choose to buy other machine from other manufactures but in terms of maintance nothing can go bad with Stringway.

I know this is auto drop weight and does not mean that every string can be finalise in one pull but that depends from elongation and other properties.
Actually, the drop weight sets the tension correctly at any angle. So, you only pull each string one time unless the tension arm bottoms out which very rarely - maybe happens once or twice a year when you don't pull the string into the tension head properly. I cannot remember the last time I had to repull a string.

Joining - own a LaSerFibre like ML90 Stringway model. Had it a little over 6 years and consider it a great machine for home or small commercial use. I really like the constant pull drop weight with correct tension at any angle feature.
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