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Unhappy lazy eye and 1hbh

I am a right-hander with 1hbh, but my right eye is "lazy eye". Basically I cannot focus on my right eye and I see everything blur with my left eye closed. I had really hard time to hit the 1hbh with close stance, cause I don't have that super flexible long neck like Guga.

My game got better recently and I start to play some strong 4.0 and 4.5 players in the new league. But now the ball are coming much faster and relentless to my left side, once I start to turn left and chase the fast ball I loose the site of the ball. I slice it 90% of the time with neutral and open stance. But I think maybe my slice will be much better if I can turn a bit closed. My return of serve will also benefit largely if I can stand closed.

Thinking of switch to 2hbh, will that solve the problem? I have tried a little it, but really suck at it. Plus I fall in love with the 1hbh for such a long time (Federer, Wawrinka, Haas, Dimitrov, Gasquet, Almagro...) even though it sucks as well in all kinds of situation..

Do you have the similar problem? Really need good suggestion to deal with it. Or should I just quit tennis(love it so so so much)? I never this a problem when I play any other sports.
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