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Originally Posted by goober View Post
It seems the real question here is how to protect a weak one HBH.

1) Learn a serve and volley game. Get to the net as much as possible. They can't hit to your backhand if you are at the net. Think J Mac- he didn't have a great 1 HBH,

This make sense, but I live on baseline now. Will be out of my comfort zone for now. I can at least try it when facing players killing my backhand.

2) Run around your BH as much as possible. Obvious, but you need to get into good shape and be fast to do it all the time.

This is hard. Yes, I am doing this now. But I am talking about playing with 4.5 players. They hit good angle.

3) play more doubles. I have seen some 4.0-4.5 players that can hide their mediocre BHs pretty well by playing dubs- that is assuming the rest of your game is up to snuff. Slicing your BH all the time is not necessarily bad in dubs because you are keeping the ball low.
Sorry I just love singles too much.
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