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It's possible HunterST missed the meaning of swinging or throwing upwards.
My explanation means to swing or throw the ball 35 degrees upwards, not straight up.
The reason.... All the posted vids of serving show the server uses about 1/3 of the swing before hitting the ball, and about 2/3 after hitting the ball.
Should be close to 50/50.
The followthru is too long, the pre hit swing is too short. The power is applied after the ball is hit.
That explains the high elbow, high hand finish of the top servers who point their rackets at the ground after contact, but their elbow and hand is above their head! This shortens the finish, and in effect, lengthens the pre hit.
If you intend to hit the ball just in front of your shoulders, you will be applying the power too late.
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