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Originally Posted by sophistrock View Post
?? I thought 2hbh don't need to stand as close as 1hbh.

None of the classes can fix it. Did some research on laser surgery as well, that door is closed too.

I have never bring this up to any of other players, they will have a permanent target if I tell them the truth. But one of the coach in Bahamas resort I met notice my problem in 5 minutes after hitting. He is also a right-hander with 1bhb, but with left side lazy eye. The guy is definitely around strong 4.5 and 5.0, hit gorgeous forehand, he hit the backhand hard, the ball could land anywhere, most time outside. He told me you just have to live with it.
I googled your condition, and it seems to be incurable.

Maybe standing further back and going for an open stance 1 hander and cheating towards the BH side are the only real mitigators, since you don't want to switch to a 2 hander.
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