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Originally Posted by hyperion99 View Post
Did the tension arm bottom out on your Laserfibre MS200/Stringway a lot when you used Natural Gut?

Also why did you switch to a Gamma 5800 ELS 2pt (just curious)?

I didn't string a ton of gut, so I don't recall. The worst offenders for me were extremely stretchy polys (Topspin's Poly Polar -- no longer in production AFAIK), and Soft, soft strings (Ashaway Liberty comes to mind). Maybe Polystar Energy? I'm sure there are a few other unusual strings that did the same, but it's been a long time.

I switched because I got a good deal, and my shoulder "clicks" a little bit when I pump a weight, so it would irritate my shoulder across long stringing sessions. There are systematic issues with the Gamma, too, it's not a perfect machine by any stretch of the imagination.
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