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Specifics exercises tour tennis - Not sure, beyond my level. I'd imagine the principals are the same though, with greater intensity and better access to equipment.

As workout areas transcend skill levels, here are some recommended areas to work on for anyone trying to improve their tennis.

1. Strength train at fairly low weights with a high number of repetitions ~25. The goal is to build muscles which can move freely without tiring. The kind of muscle mass needed for heavy lifting is counter-productive in tennis, as it will add significant mass to your body and limit the range of motion.

2. High repetition exercises for the core muscles. The legs and torso are very important in tennis, as they:
-Increase shot power
-Stabilise the upper body, providing more control and consistency.
-Improve movement speed.
So lots of squats/lunges for the legs and for the core.

3. Stretches to improve flexibility and prevent injury. You need good arm, shoulder, back, hip and leg flexibility to be able to hit shots out of position, and on the run. It can also increase shot power.

4. Plyometric exercises. Tennis is a game where explosive power is necessary. Increasing the amount of fast twitch fibres in your body will help greatly.

5. Sprint Training. The greater your lactic acid tolerance, the easier you will find long points. The faster your foot speed, the more shots you can run down.

6. Cardio. One of the less important areas in tennis, however being able to recover quickly after running down shots will help you in the next point.

7. Endurance. Obvious really, if you cannot keep going after the first set you will always lose. In particular leg endurance is important, as once your legs start to tire you will lose shot power, stability and retrieval abilities.

Some general 'Good Tennis Exercises' are:
-Skipping rope (all the pros do it)
-Cycling (Save the joints with the low impact alternative to running, just make sure you stretch as well because Cycling shortens the hamstrings)
-Hill sprints
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