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Last night I worked on my serves. Put my Extreme Pro 2.0 back in the bag and got my old racket old, cos man, the Pro has being giving me some major shoulder and elbow pain. Using my old racket felt like home again. Anyway, thats another story.

I did some ball throws really trying to incorperate the action into my serving. At first the serves were going AWOL, but eventually I managed to tame them well.

I made a commitment to myself that I wasn't going to hit any serves into the net, therefore eliminating half the problem with my consistency in the first place. Probably the most major aspect I took from the throwing mentality was focussing on brushing upwards. Up the mountain. Combining with other things Ive been focussing on including keeping my non hitting up arm up longer, and keeping my feet still and stable until after contact.

The result was I had a serving consistency of around 70%.
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