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Hey all,

Played a match this past weekend against another forum member for box league! Definitely a surprise meeting someone else from here in my league!

It was a super fun match for my end, as I won 6-1 to close out the win, with the final score being 7-4. I was having one of those "on" nights while my opponent was having a touch of an "off" night. I played quite solid without making any outrageous errors. With a little more focus and a little bit of grinding with some junk thrown in, it's amazing what my game can be.

Luckily, I was returning serves like a beast for the most part. I was just reading them really well and hitting them back with interest. I wish I could play more matches like this one in regards to my preparation on shots and reading of serves.

Overall a really good match for to boost my confidence going into the outdoor season!

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