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Originally Posted by tennis_pro View Post
3)Wimbledon - dead even with Sampras/Federer, maybe a slight advantage for Samrpas but not much.
4)FO - let's not kid ourselves, in this or any other era the FO would be Federer's worst slam, he would surely win more than 1 in the 90's, though.
Federer's serve, the absolute best in this era, is control oriented one
but not as overpowering as other great servers of 90's in highly specialized era.
He would take 2-3 off Sampras's 7 at Wimbledon with his GOAT gound games
and all court flavours. But his defense will suffer against great servers of 90's.

Federer is great clay courter. Maybe potential to be one of the clay court greats.
Like Borg or Lendle.
Clay court hardly changed since 90's (unlike Wimbledon and US Open).

He competed against Nadal, the monstrous greatest ever on clay.
Are you kiding me here?
He would easily take 3-4 FO if he was dropped in any era of entire tennis history.

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