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Originally Posted by sdont View Post
I didn't claim anything. As I already said, you were the one to claim he has "weak technical skills compared to most top 50 players." I reacted to that. Now you change your tune.

About Ferrer, once again, it was a reaction to your claim that inconsistency in strokes is an indication of weak technical skills. It wasn't to back up any claim from my part.

Now, you bring up the talent card. It's interesting that the new criterion is not consistency anymore, but rather the capacity to play one's best tennis against the very top players and "blow them off the court". Totally different proposition, isn't it? Oh yeah, so many top 50 players with OK technical skills are able to do that.

May I suggest that you look into Monfils-Nadal matches in Doha?
The whole point of the thread is that the OP thinks that Monfils is the most talented player in the world and should have a won 50 titles and have a better won loss percentage than Federer, Nadal, Djokovic, or Murray.

The main point that I wanted to make in response is that I feel that this is a ridiculous claim and that Monfils has nowhere near that level of talent in him.

I do feel that Monfils technical skills are weak compared to many top 50 players, but his superior athleticism allows him to make up for that. To me, he is a grinder whose strokes break down too often under pressure. This is clearly not something you agree with, so it isn't really worth me trying to prove it to you. It's just my opinion.

As far as a couple wins against Nadal...look at the big picture. He has two wins against 8 losses vs. Nadal. His two wins were at a 250 level tournament. Check out their only match in a grand slam, the US Open in 2009. He was ranked near his career high and reached the R16, so he was playing well. Despite this, he got completely blown off the court by Nadal on his worst surface.
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