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Originally Posted by Vish13 View Post
He turned pro in 1998 but he didn't make it to a final till 2001. Infact he got noticed only when he beat Pete in 2001 at Wimbledon. What performance, except beating Sampras, did he gave that people like you started expecting him to win a slam soon. By the same token, are you expecting a slam from Rosol in near future ???

Also please STOP talking about how he fared in the 90's. He turned pro in 1998 and you have to give him at least 2-3 years to find his feet. Not everyone is a Boris Becker.
For starters, he won Wimbledon for Juniors in Singles AND Doubles. He won the Orange bowl as well.

Also, his fluid game was the first thing that springs to mind, when I recall memories from his matches back then (even when he was losing against Agassi quite comfortably). His game needed a lot of polishing and developing, but the promise was there.

Watch his match with Sampras. Before the match the comentators were praising Federer to the high heaven (to an extend, that one had to wonder whether he or Sampras was the multiple Wimbledon champion).

And, be careful with the comparisons. Rosol's situation and Federer's situation have NOTHING in common. It is funny, when people take one fact , that somehow they think that supports their argument out of the context and proceed to use it to construct their argument around it. A kind of self supporting ignorance.
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