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Plot a roadmap now and say "I'll have X months off when I have achieved <fitness goals here>, <weight goals here>, <technical goals here> and <financial goals here>.
Spot on, thanks!

I'd forget people who say 6 months off affects careers. I've taken a number of breaks and it made no difference to my interviewability
I'd have to agree here. A number of friends of mine have taken year long gaps since their mid-20's.

Two in particular, now 36, have taken 3 extended breaks from their automotive/Logistics careers since 23 years old. One was 18 months driving 4&4's through South America, one was 12 months driving through Southern Russia, and Currently they are at month 10 of driving their Discovery LR from Warwickshire to Cape Town.... and they have always found their career again on return.

So that doesn't actually concern me, no.
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