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As an aside, I'm thinking of stringing the h22 open patterns I have that are absolute cannons but hurt my arm even looking at them with gut mains, anyone out there done this? It would make sense on the h22, surprised I hadn't tried it earlier but I guess was worried about control issues?
Had a H2216x19 (It was blacked out and there was a sticker on the inside of the throat labeled as H2216x19) come in for stringing at the pro shop I work at.

It was measured to be 313g unstrung, there was silicone inside the handle as I popped off the trap door. Beam width varied between 21.6mm to 22.2 depending on where you measured it. I put a Prestige Pro on top of it and it looked pretty much identical. What's interesting is the grommets that were used on it, I noticed that there was more protrusion of the grommets around where the PWS is supposed to be, so I suppose Wilson are using the grommets off another racquet with PWS on the H22 Pro Stock. I'm surprised they don't make grommets dedicated to this racquet.
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