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Originally Posted by SLD76 View Post
And you ignored the part of his statement where he said even though fed's s
results up til the sampras match weren't earth shattering, the commentators were alreqdy full of high praise for his game and talent. And as I said in my post, I specifically recall the commentators remarking he had alot of talent and that it was expected/thought he could win a slam someday
Ok. I have always watched the highlights and never caught that. I take that. But I never said that he was not expected to win a slam "someday", like you have said, at that time. My contention was against the point that he was expected by tennis fraternity to win GS at the time he defeated Sampras.And he could not do so because he was unable to play the big S&Vs of the 90s. Truth is his game was not developed to that level where he could play like he did against Sampras, consistently, round after round.
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