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BMC, my goal is not for everyone to go home a winner. Its just been my experience that kids who dink end up getting killed later on and quit tennis. And kids who try to develop a long term game as advised by their parents or coach, get discouraged and also go into other sports.

So the goal is to try and promote a longer term approach and reward the kids who go for it. Anything to keep athletic kids from quitting tennis.

Just an idea out of the frustration of having a very talented 9 year old boy decide to just stick with football and drop tennis after meeting dinkers in his last 2 tournaments. He just does not get that in the long term his game will win out. So maybe some sort of acknowledgement would have helped.

I suppose we could just give them some sort of award on our own for going for it, outside of the actual tournament trophies.

As far as our section, yes, as I explained, we have the perfect storm of a huge influx of Russian kids along with entitled Palm Beachers. Come on down and attend a 12 tournament and I think you will see its a mess of cheating and parents getting involved.

At our last tournament, I sat quiet while one of my players got hooked on every other ball. The player called a ref but the refs were called by 3 other players within minutes. It was so bad that a total stranger, a lady watching her boy on the next court kept telling me to go get the tournament director. I politely said the kids have to handle it. Then my player called a ball out that was 6 feet out to make it 0-15. The server then said 15-0 and yelled that the ball was in. This was on every other point. The lady next to me, who I never met before, stood up and walked into the office and got the tournament director. He walked down to the court, the cheater saw him coming, and magically decided to withdraw.

When its so bad a total stranger is going to get help for your player.....its pretty bad here!

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