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There is a Health & Fitness forum here on Talk Tennis where your question may have gotten more replies.

Here is a site that gives great all around advise for workouts and WHY you need to train in all the areas mentioned by GoudX above:
Sports Fitness Advisor Tennis Training Section:

Here is probably the best set of exercises to help avoid the common overuse injuries of the shoulder, elbow and wrist that plague tennis players:
Thrower's Ten Exercise Program:

Here's what one USTA coach said about running:
" When training the players the USTA works with, we usually do some sort of "running" four to five times a week. The running session usually lasts between 20 – 40 minutes, but there is a lot of variety in the types of running we do.

You’ll note that we put running in quotation marks, because much of what we do is different from the long, slow distance running many tennis players are familiar with – there is some long distance running, but the “running” sessions also involve footwork/tennis agility work, or interval runs. The type of running depends upon the periodized strength and conditioning schedule of the player.

Generally, the long distance running and longer interval repeats (400s and 800s) are done during the preparation phase when you are getting ready for the season. Shorter, higher intensity intervals (20s, 40s, 60s, 100s, 200s, and 400s) and on-court footwork/tennis agility are the main focus during the pre-competition phase in the weeks leading up to main competition or competitions. During the competition phase of the season, on-court footwork/tennis agility is the “running” focus.

Recognizing that each player is an individual, we adjust the plan depending upon the player’s cardiovascular endurance, agility and their physical and physiological strengths and weaknesses."

High Intensity Interval Training:

USTA agility drills:

Here's the best single source of training in blocks to increase your tennis fitness:
Power Tennis Training [Paperback]
Donald A. Chu (Author)
"Donald Chu, training consultant to the United States Tennis Association and top tennis pros, defines power as speed applied to strength. In Power Tennis Training he shows players at all levels how to put more power into their game.

Power Tennis Training combines a variety of training methods specifically designed to increase tennis players' endurance, strengthen the muscles they use most often, and enhance their speed. These methods are integrated into 3 training blocks that each feature a mix of different workouts. Each block lasts 4 weeks, providing an easy-to-follow 3-month workout cycle that can be repeated again and again.

Workouts in the first block focus on enhancing endurance and developing strength in the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In the next two blocks, workouts are designed to help players become faster and hit the ball harder by applying strength more effectively to their tennis strokes."
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