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Originally Posted by mikej View Post
This year I would almost rather not see a final set of the SEC rankings - haven't taken one seriously all year, and hope ITA sees things similarly
Yeah the SEC rankings are funny to say the least. UGA is the only true outstanding and even then they are still maybe #5 at highest. Tennessee is solid 1-3, but fall off. UK is solid #1-2 but then greatly fall off, Ole Miss strong #1-2, ok #3-4, and underachieving #5-6
Vanderbilt, solid #1-2, overachieving but streaky 3-6, Auburn/Bama who knows who shows up, FL dangerous but not elite, MS State too young and streaky, SCarolina, like them but weaker at #4-6.

IMO no way there should be 8 SEC teams hosting, but it is what it is.
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