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Sounds like he is superior from the baseline and in most rallies.

Get to the net (i.e. get out of rallies) and/or get him off the baseline (get him moving up and down the court):
- Drop shot and then come to the net to pass in the open court.
- Approach the net after a deep shot to his backhand and volley into the open court. Some people get flustered with opponents at the net.
- Rally cross court backhand to backhand to get a short ball then attack it into the open court.
- Attack his forehand to open up his weaker side (backhand) for a backhand to backhand exchange.

You have to find one or two strategies that work and then just pound him with those relentlessly. Check out the clip in my sig.

Originally Posted by rfedererfan View Post
What can i do tactically to defeat a better opponent than me at the 4.0 level? The only shot advantage that i can see is the backhand to backhand exchange, i'm getting outplayed in movement, control and stability, i have the advantage in power and first serve. It's driving me crazy that i can't change anything. Surface is clay and most points are baseline rallies.
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