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Default College Tennis (Prize Money)

Hello everybody,

I have one question about prize money. I'm playing tennis on a really good level in Europe (Germany and Czech Republic). I am going to play some tournaments for adults this year. I've read some facts about college tennis on this forum and the NCAA tennis page. In German I've read check for college tennis. I know I have to improve my English in the future, if I want to play for a college team. (But I think the TOEFL or SAT won't be the main problem)

My question is: Do you have to be a "100% amateur" before going to college? I want to apply for a scholarship in 1.5 years. I think a scholarship has more value than the prize money I can earn with my tennis. Even so some clubs asked me to play for money for their team. But would it be okay to be a part-time couch? Thank you very much for your help.
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