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Originally Posted by BlxTennis View Post
Well, if you pay atttention, there shouldn't be mis-weaving. I did mis-weave one time when I wasn't even thinking and just going through the motion. If you look at where it start and move the tool one over to the correct starting string, then shouldn't be any mis-weaving.
Thanks for your feedback on the cross-stringing tool Blxtennis.
I'm always alert when stringing.

Originally Posted by 10SDad View Post
Keeping in mind that I am not the fastest weaver, the cross stringing tool does save me some time. It takes a few moments on the front-end to put the tool in place, but for me that time is made up in its use. I also find I have to remove it for the last few crosses. I have not had any misweaves. Just a matter of moving it each time, which becomes part of the rhythm of the process. I do like how it is saving my fingers, and also making the weaving closer to frictionless. I can also pull the slack through the mains much faster. Hope that helps.
I'm not the fastest weaver either(but I rather take more time to get a better stringjob).
Thanks for your feedback on the cross-stringing tool 10sdad.
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