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Originally Posted by tennishmang View Post
Without the extra match at Ojai, UCLA was still ranked #1....and they lost the meeting at indoors. even without the pac12 tournament "extra matches" ucla still is ranked 1.
Yes, you're right for last week, and UCLA will even have a bigger lead at #1 in the computers this week thanks to the "extra" match.

The top 4 of UCLA's best 9 wins are 1st the away win at USC, 2d UGA, and then the other 2 USC matches

However, you also have to consider UVa's fairly weak strength of schedule since the Indoors.

If UCLA had not played (or even lost to) USC in the Ojai and UVa had played a reasonably ranked team in the ACC tourney (not Wake Forest), much less the past few weeks, then the #1 spot would be up for grabs. Each week the rankings are evolving.

It's been a while since UVa has played a top 10 or 15 team. Their profile is not improving in the eyes of the computer. It would have helped them to play a top 10-ish Duke team in the ACCs.

At the same time, UCLA has won @ Pepperdine and beaten USC twice.

Interesting to see what happens in the NCAAs. UVa has not been tested in a long time, unlike the boys out West.
That's been the typical scenario in recent years. An undefeated UVa hasn't a fairly weak outdoor schedule, while the top Pac 12 teams get battle tested in April.
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