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Originally Posted by NE1for10is? View Post
So I shouldn't bother with gut/biphase? How's your elbow?
It wasn't for TE. I only had that once a couple of years ago when I bought a very light, very stiff frame. Haven't had a problem since switching to soft, heavier, thin-beamed frames. I was just curious about gut/multi since multi is more comfortable that poly (there were a few poly crosses that I did find uncomfortable but never developed TE since I didn't stick with them) and generally has better tension stability.

I tried a couple of Technifibre multi-crosses but can't remember which ones ATM. Probably the ones listed by TWU as having the lowest CoF. In any case, the experiment didn't work out and I went back to poly crosses.

Other TE factors include frame flex rating, beam width, and even weight/balance/SW.

Generally, to avoid TE, you want a soft frame with a thin beam with a weight of mid 11oz or higher and HL balance. This is generally a lower power setup which lets you use a soft string.

However, an ill-fitting frame and string setup can cause TE not through being too stiff but not being tuned to your swing. If you're fighting the string and frame you might be doing something subtle with your swing to compensate. The stroke might look broadly correct but there might be a hitch.

For example, recently I dropped my SW while maintaining a static weight in the high 11oz to 12oz range. I then noticed a twinge of pain in my wrist. With the lower SW my FH had become whippier and wrist-ier. Someone else pointed this out to me on-court one night so I stopped doing that and the pain went away. The frame didn't cause the issue. How I swung based on a change to the frame caused the problem.

Another common problem is that if using a setup with decent power one might be prone to break one's swing, especially if you have decent technique and are used to taking a full stroke. Suddenly, that full stroke is launching balls long so you mod your swing, but maybe not in a smooth manner. It starts at the old speed and then towards contact it decelerates putting stress on your elbow. I sometimes do that in mixed doubles for fear of hitting a lady with the ball. Fear of whacking a lady friend in the face with the ball causes me to break my swing and hurt my arm as I decelerate all that mass with poor technique. Instead I should just swing slower or more compact but I'm not good enough to keep changing my swing all the time. I'm just trying to be consistent!
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