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Originally Posted by tennispodpro View Post
You're getting some great advice here, it's all good, but don't forget to add a stretching program to your routine. Specifically, HIP mobility. Your power will ultimately come from your flexibility in your hips and core. I watch a lot of videos that are posted here and right away you can see a lack of power coming from the legs. Once your hips get tight you really are limited with any kind of power in your game. I do not know the person in the video, but he was referred to me by a sports science guy who lives in England and I must say, these exercises have helped me tremendously, even at my age. They also have improved my strength-training program, especially performing squats. All of his videos are excellent. Scroll to the middle of the video and try the hip rocking (frog stretch) and all those hip stretches and I guarantee you will see a transformation in your strokes.

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use to watch your tennis podcasts pretty religiously. lots of really great stuff. are the videos on youtube or just itunes?
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