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Originally Posted by ultradr View Post
Again, 90's was highly specialized era. Specialists on slow clay, specialists on
skidding fast surfaces.

Federer's serve, despite best in this era, doesn't strike as one to compete well in
90's against highly specialized players of 90's.

Not that he would not be successful at all. I just don't think he would be as
successfull as he's been on much slower and higher bouncing Wimbledon and US Open of now.
federer's serve, so effective in the slowed down era vs a returning bunch of hewitt, djokovic, murray, davydenko, ferrer, safin, nalbandian, nadal etc would be less effective on the faster, lower bouncing surfaces of the 90s vs an inferior bunch of returners (apart from agassi, chang, kafelnikov )

yeah, that makes sense

also see post #453

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