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Originally Posted by parasailing View Post
I opened up the package today and noticed that it is much softer than the original Tour Bite at the same gauge. You definitely can feel the string twist with ease. Would you say it's significantly softer on the arm at the same tension? I tried the original Tour Bite, love the spin and control you get with it but felt it was a tad stiffer than SPPP.

I hope the soft version retains the benefits of the original Tour Bite and is easier on the arm.
You guys are stringing TB way too tight. I used it in my Extreme Pros for two years (after using SPPP for three years before that), gradually working the tension down to 44--that's where, for me, it played at its best. I use it at 48 in the Speed MP because that frame is more flexible than the Extreme Pro.

Re: TB Soft--I've used it and like it better than regular TB. It doesn't have the same pop, but it's more comfortable and with better feel. When my reel of reg TB runs out, I'll probably go to TB Soft in 16g.
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