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Originally Posted by ChicagoJack View Post
Wilson Comfort Hybrid : Anybody looking for a slightly squishier, and much lower weight alternative to Wilson ShockShield might give Wilson Comfort Hybrid a demo. It has the same base layer of polyeurethane, but instead of the gel strip, it has an air foam layer.

I've been playing with Wilson SS for several months and really dig it, but I don't think the gel strip actually does anything. I developed this hunch a few weeks ago when I got into level 9 mad scientist mode, and carefully peeled the gel strip completely away from the base layer, (took almost a hour). The MacGyver project was to install two layers of the gel strip, since I'd noticed that stuff is way thinner that the little sample on the box would indicate. I started wrapping the gel strip on pallet, and stopped about 10 minutes into that process. That gel strip is hard as a rock! Once you have the two materials separated it becomes clear where where the comfort comes from, and it ain't the gel strip that's for sure.

So I went looking at the other offerings in the line up and saw that comfort hybrid has the same base layer. Comfort Hybrid is a little thicker at 22 mm but is less than half the weight. I guess the lower weight can be a good thing or a bad thing. I have the Donnay weight kits, so I was able to just pop on my +10 gram butt caps and I was right back in business with my preferred balance and mass. I can't sense any difference in vibration dampening, and as far as grip squeeze softness goes, it's for sure a bit squishier.

+ Positive : Does not tear easily if you need to re-wrap, the edges hold up pretty good.

+ Positive : Very easy wrap. It's pliable, so that first roll over the buttcap doesn't wrinkle.

+ Positive : Just about the softest, squishiest I've tried.

= Neutral : Light weight. Some will like, some wont. For some, a 24 gram comfort grip kills two birds with one stone.

- Negative : With all that comfort comes loss of bevel feel. I'd say ShockSheild holds the edges slightly better.

- Negative : Really don't like the super large font gold Wilson branding, yuk. Overgrip on this for sure.

- Jack
Tried Comfort Hybrid based on this review. I am also a ShockSheild user.

First thing I noticed is CH is not any thicker after installed, maybe a little thinner, but it has lot less bevel feel.

Second, I found it to be comfort but feels very different from SS, while the gel is very thin, it might work together in the SS with the PU.

Also, as you have pointed out the SS is mostly PU, the PU layer is super thick, which is not the case in CH, where it's mostly air foam with a very very thin layer of PU.

So from both feel, shape(bevel) and construction the two grips are nothing alike to me. Although both are thick and comfortable, I feel SS is the better one in almost every way, unless you need a light one.

Edit: Comfort Hybrid has one thing going for it, it's easier to install than black ShockSheild, and much much easier to install than the white ShockSheild.

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