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Originally Posted by drak View Post
Time for a 8-9 week update: had a bout of medial soreness at weeks 5-6 after I increased my tennis and got somewhat bummed. Thought I might have a patella issue and started wearing a patella strap and doing some incline (toes to floor) body weight squats. The results since have been dynamic, knee is now 9 out of 10 and the tendon tightening seems to have worked as well, with full staightening (or bending) it feels just like the other knee - no issues. Also knee stability is now very good, same as non injured knee.
The issue I have is I can't be sure/confident my dramatic improvement is from the Stem/Cell PRP or the Patella strap/exercise, or some combo of each. In any case the knee is way better then before the stem cell/PRP injection and seems to be getting stronger.

Thanks for the update and congratulations on your progress.

It seems that full straightening and bending of the knee means that the medial meniscal tear has been resolved...

Did you have an MRI to confirm the initial meniscal tear and would another
MRI show meniscal tear healing?
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