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Put me in the 'it's not a great idea, but, hey, it's your life' camp.

For me, there's a clear distinction in motivation between amateurs and players. If you're a talent, it's all about cracking it or dying trying, maxing out as quickly as possible is the sole emphasis...for an amateur OTOH, it's more about the journey than the destination.

If you're a 4.25, dissatisfied with aspects of your game,hoping to get to 4.5, if you work your *** off, in 6 months, if everything goes to plan, you'll be a 4.5, dissatisfied with aspects of your game, and hoping to get to 4.75. Maybe you've had some fun in the process, but you're still basically where you were 6 months ago, and the opportunity cost is high.

Just enjoy the process of trying to improve your game; turbocharging the process won't actually get you anywhere.
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