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Originally Posted by Stergios View Post
Hi Guys,

Thanks for all your comments! I really enjoyed reading them. And on a personal note I'm very glad I've joined this active community!
Although I understood that I might be more careful in the future with other people's media such as photos and vids! Watch Nadia's reaction to the video here

My initial purpose was to get a few video clips for Nadia to see her self later on. While there, with the camera on hand I thought of doing a small montage of her. And so I did.

I really liked the video. It was actually shot with a Canon S95 compact camera. It was a really brief shooting. Just to give you an idea I just took off the final video a minute or so of the footage I took.

I'm not coaching Nadia my self. Paris, my coach, is doing it.


Stergios, loved the video. Nadia is terminally cute and very intelligent. I see why you like her. I love her slight (upper class) British accent when speaking English.

Fun thread.
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