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Originally Posted by claub View Post
Anyone that has one or a bunch of them, just please tell me, each, how much it weighs?
You already have that information: TW weighs several models and takes an average when they post their specs in the retail section of the web site.

From that average you'll see variations of +/-6 grams and up to a point or two in balance in most cases. Swingweight can vary several points too +/-.

So, look up the TW retail specs. Add and subtract 6 grams to get a potential range of values, add and subtract 2 points to get a range for balance, and know that any frame you purchase blind can fall within that range. It's really that simple.

The only way to get exactly what you want is to have the frame measured prior to purchase.

There is no "real weight" for any given racquet model. It doesn't exist. Even the supposedly zero tolerance for Pacific racquets isn't quite that accurate. TWU specs are based on a single racquet. Compare TWU data on Pacific frames to the retail data and you'll see variations.
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