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Originally Posted by mmk View Post
That is a really good deal. Is that PG county? I belong to Aspen Hill in MC, and I think rental is $30/hour, but that includes court time. By the way, there seems to be a lot of women playing during the day at Aspen Hill.
Thanks for all the replies, folks. You're right that it is up to me to kick-start things, and today was a good start.

MMK, the price at our county facility really is just $20 for machine and court time together, which is a steal. This facility gets smokin' hot inside in the summers because there is no AC, but I don't mind. Today was just fine.

So I went down to this indoor county facility, which has six courts. Only two were being used (someone was taking a lesson), so I had a whole wing to myself. The manager positioned the machine (Playmate) and taught me to use it.

It was awesome! I wanted to do the specific things my pro has been trying to ingrain and break some bad habits. So that's racket head up on takeback (not flopping around all limp-wristed). Doing the footwork to get around the ball (instead of letting the ball come into my body and snatching at it). Left leg bent to allow transfer (no stiff-kneed hitting). Lo and behold, I started to get some decent muscle memory going.

Even with the machine sending the ball right to me, it was kind of tiring. So I also hit some half-volleys (horror show), inside out BHs (no problem), approach volleys, (decent) and drop volleys (meh).

I saved the best for last, though. I set it to send lobs, so I got to practice overheads and FH and BH swinging volleys.

Forget practice partners for now. If I can ingrain these FH stroke/footwork changes and practice moving back for overheads, I am going to start playing much better.
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