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Lightbulb Think of it this way...

Originally Posted by LuckyR View Post
Well, assuming that you are using your best strategy to start (which just about everyone should be doing) then changing your strategy, to a by definition less well suited one, for any 'ol reason, is not going to net you extra wins, necessarily.
You have an A game, which you'd like to use, but if it doesn't work, you have a B game you can pull out to grind out a win. For example, your A game is to play quick points and force the issue, but it it doesn't work, you have to go to your B game, be more patient, work the point longer, run all day if that's what it takes, to pull out the win.

In the original post, it said: "Then in the next set the games were still close, but it got completely away from us and before we knew it, we lost at 1."

That's always a sign that the other team is rushing you off the court, or, more accurately, you're rushing yourself off the court. The fix is thus:

- Slow down. Take some time to relax and regroup between points and games, to talk strategy with your partner and encourage him/her. Work out a conscious change in plans, and give it a try.

- Make the other team play. If they're overwhelming you and winning points almost before you can call out the score, throw up a few deep lobs, and, in doubles, don't try to hit winners right away, keep the ball down on the return and the next shot and give them a chance to take gas.

- Find out what they don't like, and give them lots of it. Nobody is perfect, at least not at this level, and the fact that you're winning points and games means you're doing something right? What is that something? Let's say the ad returner does pretty well with a serve right in his wheelhouse, but on a heavy kick out wide, gives you and up ball that you can do something with on the return. Fine, that guy gets nothing but heavy kick serves out wide until he figures out what to do with it, then you go for body serves (which is the usual progression..).
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