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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
From your OWN link:-

5-hour Energy 1.9 fl. oz. 208

You keep on saying you think data is misleading (Why? Have you done your own laboratory tests?) but then you just selectively choose data to support your argument. It's tiresome propaganda.

All you have to do is post all the data from and all the sources and take an average of them if you really must but you're not even prepared to do that.

It's almost as if you're trying to convince yourself that the drink you drink has low caffeine when the reality is anything but low.
My suspicion is that that many of the sources that specify 200+ mg of caffeine/bottle are taking their data from It is suspected that the Extra Strength version was tested in their analysis. Some sources, in a possible effort to demonize the product, provide that high CL data. If you average all those sources, of course they are going to come up with ~200 mg of caffeine.

Some time after the data came out, FAI Materials Testing Laboratories came put the caffeine content at 157 mg in the regular 5-Hour, and 206 mg in its Extra Strength counterpart. The FAI data for the Extra Strength version looks suspiciously like the data that came up with (supposedly for the regular version).

My bias is to go with the FAI data because it is consistent with what Living Essentials, the makers of 5-Hour Energy has stated. Their web site has always been a bit vague stating that the product "contains caffeine equivalent to a cup of the leading premium coffee". In the past, they have been forthcoming in providing the amount of caffeine in their product for consumers who have asked for it. Quite some time before other CL or FAI analyzed & published their data, I had sent an email inquiry to Living Essentials asking for the caffeine content of their product (they only had 1 version at the time). Their response that the caffeine content of a 1 oz serving was ~75-80 mg. This is consistent with the data that FAI later determined in their analysis (157 mg for nearly oz).

Regardless of which data you choose to believe, 1/2 bottle of 5-Hour Energy (the amount I recommended) will provide somewhere between 75 mg and 104 mg. Even if you consider that higher number, it is still quite a bit less than one of 2 cans of Relentless. According to the data, the latter provides 320 mg. I stand by my contention that it is far better to ingest 1/2 bottle of 5-Hour Energy than 1 or 2 cans of Relentless.
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