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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Jeez, you're obsessed. 5 hour energy has alot of caffeine in it. Get over it.
And you are not? Is this really the best that you can do? Yes, I try to do my homework on foods and supplements that I ingest. No, a single serving of 5-Hour Energy does not have "alot of caffeine in it" as you insist. Even if you believe it has 100 mg, this is a fairly moderate amount compared to coffee and many high-sugar energy drinks.

And, as I've stated previously, there is more to the equation than just the caffeine content. Even on the instances where I've ingested a full bottle of 5-Hour at one sitting, I did not experience the jitters. A few times (quite a while back), I downed 200 mg of pure caffeine in supplement form. Again, no jitters. However, with as little as 1/2 cup of coffee, I have experienced the jitters when playing sports numerous times. It usually happens within 30 minutes of the onset of physical exertion.
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