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Time for a 8-9 week update: had a bout of medial soreness at weeks 5-6 after I increased my tennis and got somewhat bummed. Thought I might have a patella issue and started wearing a patella strap and doing some incline (toes to floor) body weight squats. The results since have been dynamic, knee is now 9 out of 10 and the tendon tightening seems to have worked as well, with full staightening (or bending) it feels just like the other knee - no issues. Also knee stability is now very good, same as non injured knee.
The issue I have is I can't be sure/confident my dramatic improvement is from the Stem/Cell PRP or the Patella strap/exercise, or some combo of each. In any case the knee is way better then before the stem cell/PRP injection and seems to be getting stronger.

Good to hear that you're feeling better. And in the end, that's all that really matters, feeling better.
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