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Default Noob College Tennis Question

I'm new to the college tennis world. I'm more of a college basketball/football fan. I've been slowly educating myself on the history of college tennis so that I can better understand the rivalry matches, traditions, and pageantry (what make college sports so great).

As you have probably guessed, I've used the search function heavily as well as searching on other sites for information. I have hit a roadblock, and need some expert help.

I need to know how to watch these matches. My searches have confirmed my fears with watching college tennis: its an art form that changes every year. I know what thats like. I've watched Oregon Duck games in Spanish on my big screen (muted), then live streaming (synchronized with the TV) on my computer in English. Called sports bars asking if we could have a tv on: big 10 network, espn, espn 2, espn 3/ watch espn, espnU, network, NETtv, etc. I've been working on this art form for the past 10 years and I still don't have it down yet. I have no chance getting it right for college tennis within a few days.

I'm hoping that there are several options given that this is the tournament? It seems to remind me a lot of March Madness, which I've never had trouble watching. Anyone have tips?
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