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Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
Won the Monday match 9-0, got crushed in the Thursday match 8-1. The team we played Thursday *should* have been a shoe-in for states. Except one of the top 3 girls was caught drinking at prom three weeks ago & was kicked off the team.

No one (and I mean no one) would have been able to touch this teams #3 player. She was a legitimate #1 at any other school in the region. And if you know anything about girls high school tennis...the skill level drops significantly after the #2 player.

downs knows the girl I'm talking about as I played w/ her at the mixed doubles challenge he played in a couple of months ago.
sounds like Mr. han's sister. maybe he has a even younger sister awaiting in the wings to learn their family secret of haidoken spin serve to her opponent's nut sack. i don't imagine she'd play in the female league.
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