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Originally Posted by Francis27 View Post
Ive made my decision and i am going to go win the Cb4.3's but does anyone have any discomfort issues with them? and does it need a long break in period?
Seems like you already decided to go for the CB 4.3. I am also a Barricade 7 user using for something more fast feeling more comfortable and that fits my flat low arch feet better. I bought the CB 4.3 and tried it for an hour or so and I can say that it was the shoe that I mostly hated upon wearing ever!!! Trust me on that one, I am begging people to buy off of me on the tennis talk for sale thread so I shouldn't be saying this but I truly hate those shoes.

I ordered the Asics Resolution 5 and they felt majestic... exactly what I was going for. I'll sacrifice some shoe stiffness and stability for more speed and comfort. I'm not looking back and I am an asics fan for the time being.

Hopefully the CB4.3 works better for you than it did for me.
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