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Originally Posted by JLyon View Post
wow the ITA computers are now as bad as the BCS computers. UCLA jumps UVA, who is undefeated!! What _ _ _ _'N Joke.
As for the SEC rankings!! Good grief.
I completely agree that UVA should have been seeded No. 1 and are the best team. But, the ITA computers actually aren't that crazy, IMO. We all know the formula. UCLA is No. 1 because their resume of wins/losses is, based on that formula, better than UVA's. It's really not a judgment of UCLA being better than UVA, it's just the inevitable result of adding up the numbers.

What's a joke is that the selection committee doesn't use the rankings as a guide and generally follow them, but then make common-sense adjustments as necessary. But, then you'd have people harping about the committee's subjective bias.

Regardless, it all sort of worked out brilliantly for UVA with UCLA, USC, OSU on the opposite half.
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