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Originally Posted by Dags View Post
Sounds like a bad reality TV show...

I own neither, as I don't have much hair and am not a DIY enthusiast. Until now, whenever I've needed one, I've borrowed a hair dryer from a friend. It's probably time for me to invest in my own equipment as I seem to be on the scrounge more frequently.

Any comments on which is more suitable from a tennis perspective? With the hair dryer, I've found it fine for softening up grommets, but sometimes changing pallets can be laborious. I've yet to fit a heat shrink grip. I'm wondering whether a heat gun would be more suitable, or if it might have it's own problems (such as being too hot).
A two-stage heat gun is like a two-stage hair dryer on steroids. For many applications, the heat gun on low will be faster/better than the hair dryer on high. I reckon I'd check the closeout aisles of big-box stores or even Big Lots and the like for either. As you know, either can pull some serious juice, so it's good to know what circuits are in use/available and how to re-set the breaker/fuse.

BTW, a better heat gun can stand up to cool off or possibly be used in a stationary position more easily than most hair dryers.
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