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Originally Posted by BreakPoint
So Fee, does Justin know what you used to think of him?
Yep. We actually talked about again while he was in Estoril recently. Funny how close we are now considering how I felt about him for the first year I knew him, but one day he looked me in the eye and apologized for being so rude the previous year and we've been friends ever since (redemption baby!)

Originally Posted by irishbanger
Thanks to everyone for their kind posts! It's always "iffy" to bear your soul in public, but like the great sport we love, tennis is full of outstanding individuals. Just an addendum: Yes, I quit smoking! I became a "racket head" the more I got into the sport, and I really wanted the new Prince racket that was currently being hyped. At $200 a pop, the wife OK'd the purchase of a couple so long as I quit smoking. The day the UPS man delivered my rackets from Tennis Warehouse I stubbed my last cigarette out on my garage floor and never looked back. Quitting was easy because I was motivated.
Irishbanger, to me this is the most touching and important part of your story. It's like a good swift kick of common sense. I've been thinking about your story and this thread since my last post here, and I just wanted to come back and thank you again for sharing it with us. You really should send it on to Federer (via his website or his agent at IMG), to Jon Wertheim perhaps, or to the USTA. It's good to be reminded that we don't always play tennis to be like Roger, we play to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

Or in my case, to hit something defenseless as hard as possible and not get in trouble for it...

TW, please sticky this thread for a little while.
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