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Originally Posted by TierOneSportsOfficial View Post
We have heard from many customers that Durafluxx plays similar to Tour Bite. Durafluxx appears to feel a bit softer.
Yep, Durafluxx feels very similar to Tour Bite and Tour Bite Soft. Softer than regular TB but firmer than TBS. I wouldn't be surprised if Durafluxx is produced in the same factory. Both are made in Taiwan and packaging is identical.

Durafluxx is a very nice string.

FireWire 17 is also an excellent string as well. i love it in the mains. it's a bit more elastic, but not to the point where directional control is compromised. due to the triangular cross section, it resists notching so lasts quite awhile. it also holds tension quite well. i've been crossing it with PolyStar Energy and the FireWire mains are still going strong by the time Energy has lost too much tension.

highly recommend both Durafluxx and FireWire!

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