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Originally Posted by Wilsonbro11 View Post
I somehow got moved down to 3 JV doubles don't know how that happened. We were supposed to do a challenge match but the coach that we did and thought we lost. So back to my question. I play some decent people sometimes but not that great. When they second serve they hit the slowest serve and the ball bonces at least 5-6 feet in the air. How do I hit these serves?
I have beginner friends that do the same thing. They hold the racket up and tap the ball high and over like it's a badminton serve. I have to move in really close and I often try to kill it and either mishit or hit too deep. I think I own it, it's all mine and I'm FAIL.

But, I've tried these and they work.
1) Move in right away. It intimidates them since they know their second serve is week.

2) Don't sacrifice your form. Don't slow down or muscle it, just follow through. Pace should not be your goal, but rather good contact and placing the ball where the opponent has to move (down the line). You have the advantage of angles when you're inside anyway.

3) Put extra attention on the ball at contact and hit it down the line

4) Do a drop shot on just stand there ready for a volley while they are desperately racing to return it.
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